These are photos I think would look good on a wall.

I like it when photographs take me somewhere. When they pause the current moment and draw you into the color and geometery of another moment in time. My goal is for these photos do the same for, you, the viewer.

Perhaps You Would Like To Purchase Something?

As many of you may know, my wife Alicia and I are going on a trip around the world. The net proceeds for any of these photos (besides the Burning Man ones) will go towards a new medium format camera for our trip. Specifically, one of these.

The Burning Man Photos

The proceeds of any of the Burning Man photos will go to the Hookahdome camp fund.

Print Specs

All prints will be signed, numbered (in a series of 44), digial "C" prints done by a Polielettronica (aka, a 'Polie'), which is one of the best digital printers available anywhere. For those not in the know, a 'digital C print' is a digitally prepared file output to traditional color photo paper by a special laser printer. You're getting super archival, gallery grade prints.

I can also do high-end inkjet prints onto a variety of papers as well.

Below is an example 4'x4' un-framed print hanging at my work:

Here is another example of an un-framed print:

A note about available print sizes

Basically all of the medium format shots could be re-scanned for prints up to 30"-36" on a side. 35mm shots scan be re-scanned for prints up to 18x12. So if you really want a big print, we can probably figure it out.

The Frame Situation

All the prices below reflect a custom print dry mounted onto "gator board". I then attach hanging mounts to the back of the gator board so the print can hang directly on the wall without a frame. Custom 'real frames' can be quoted on a case-by-case basis. Or, I can sell you an un-mounted print at a discount.

Here is an example of a large custom frame:

Sample Prices

The cost per print will vary. These prices below are rough numbers for prints mounted on gator board (see examples above).

For dimensions smaller than:

11x14: $100

16x20: $160

20x24: $220

30x40: $360

greater than 30" on a side: $500 and up

I Can Be Reached At

jclaybaugh -a special symbol here- gmail.com